Scrappy Little Nobody

Scrappy Little NobodyScrappy Little Nobody

E-Audiobook by Anna Kendrick

Review by Stephanie Bragg

Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air, has written a book.  Her autobiography starts in her young childhood through her rise to stardom and all the awkwardness in between.  Enter Anna’s brain and follow along with her completely honest and charming tales from her middle school double life through personal relationships to what it’s like to pick out a butt double. Continue reading

Furiously Happy

Furiously HappyFuriously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

Review by Cosette Elliott

Furiously Happy  is a fun beach read for someone with a quirky sense of humor. You must be okay with taxidermy and seeing the bright side of an otherwise depressing diagnosis. For example, yesterday I learned that I have contracted Lyme disease. It’s been great! I tell the kids, we can’t play outside now because the pills I have to take make me sensitive to sunburn. In addition to this, I am able to claim ongoing fatigue and inability to play with them. Most of my rest of my summer, as I see it now, will be spent lounging in bed explaining to my kids that I don’t feel well. If you can see the humor in what I just wrote, you are ready to enjoy Jenny Lawson.

By the way, this book is her second book. You can start with her first book, Let’s Pretend this Never Happened, so you understand the things she refers to in Furiously Happy. Or you could always read it second. I think special mention is the fact that Lawson informs the reader that by reading her book, you are reducing your likelihood for discovering a corpse in a bathtub. Personally, my favorite part of this book is it’s accessibility. You can put it down and pick it up later and you don’t have to remember what Amber was or where Richard was or what was the motivation for the killer that stalked Christine 20 years ago. This is a perfect read for someone who may be interrupted and might not be able to get back to reading for a while. That is, if you can handle a strange infatuation with taxidermy.

This title fits many categories for the 50 Books for 50 Years Challenge. It could easily fill the “Based entirely on the cover,” “Over 300 pages,” “Has an animal on the cover,” or “A guilty pleasure book” categories. Happy reading!

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About the reviewer: Cosette Elliott is a Domestic Engineer that enjoys reading. You can usually find Cosette in the library picking up more books to read.

A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson

A Year by the SeaReview by Angie Andre

“Aren’t you afraid something will happen to you? A neighbor asked upon seeing me pack the trunk of my car.

“I certainly hope so,” I answered defensively. “That’s the whole point.”

This autobiographical memoir explores one woman’s journey from mother and wife to a resilient and distinct woman. Joan Anderson finds herself lost in her roles as wife and mother. Her children are grown and they are creating new lives of their own. When Joan’s husband receives an out of state job promotion Joan makes a life changing decision. She is not going with her husband. Joan decides to spend a year in Cape Cod in a small cottage they own and re-examine her life.  Joan finds an extraordinary mentor, a job in a fish market, and contentment walking the shores of the beach of Cape Cod. Continue reading

A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen

A Fine Romance

A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen

Review by Susan Williams

In this, her second memoir, Candice Bergen shares experiences from about the age of 34. This includes details of her marriage to the French director, Louis Malle, which ended in his untimely death. She also shares intimate anecdotes of her award-winning TV show, Murphy Brown and the birth of her daughter Chloe. Finally she describes her marriage to billionaire Marshall Rose, to whom she’s been married since 2000. A Fine Romance is a tender look at the great loves of Bergen’s life, first and foremost, that of her daughter.

Bergen writes with candor, intelligence, and wit. I found this memoir to be a very refreshing read that I would recommend for anyone who likes autobiographies of smart, funny women. As a long-time admirer of Ms. Bergen’s acting, I really enjoyed reading her memoir.

A Fine Romance is the follow-up to her bestselling Knock Wood.

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About the reviewer: Susan Williams has worked in the circulation department since 2001.  I love reading, traveling, gardening & enjoying my new grandchild!

Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

Bitter is the New BlackReview by Sarah Newell

Jen has the good life – well-paying job, Chicago penthouse apartment, and plenty of shoes.  That quickly falls apart during the dot-com burst of the early 2000s.  What is an intelligent, driven and well-dressed woman to do when she’s out of a job?  Apply for unemployment, of course!  Watch as the smart-mouthed heroine falls from grace and learns the ropes of supporting her Prada habit on a shoe-string budget.

While at times exhausting, this intelligent and strong-willed woman wins the reader over with a paradoxical combination of absurd hubris and striking humility.  It is in her love of her boyfriend Fletch, the placid and stoic foil to our heroine, that the reader sees Jen’s heart of gold.  This goodwill of course extends to her array of rescue animals, but not to many of the adults that stumble into her path!  As I personally disagreed with almost all of Jen’s life views, I hold the author in high esteem for not only winning me over, but helping me root for her in the end.  Bitter is the New Black is a quick read and great book to enjoy on your own or with a group of friends!

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About the reviewer:Sarah Newell has been with the Tredyffrin Library Reference Department since December 2014.  She loves traveling, cooking and finding enjoyable books to read!