Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

Bitter is the New BlackReview by Sarah Newell

Jen has the good life – well-paying job, Chicago penthouse apartment, and plenty of shoes.  That quickly falls apart during the dot-com burst of the early 2000s.  What is an intelligent, driven and well-dressed woman to do when she’s out of a job?  Apply for unemployment, of course!  Watch as the smart-mouthed heroine falls from grace and learns the ropes of supporting her Prada habit on a shoe-string budget.

While at times exhausting, this intelligent and strong-willed woman wins the reader over with a paradoxical combination of absurd hubris and striking humility.  It is in her love of her boyfriend Fletch, the placid and stoic foil to our heroine, that the reader sees Jen’s heart of gold.  This goodwill of course extends to her array of rescue animals, but not to many of the adults that stumble into her path!  As I personally disagreed with almost all of Jen’s life views, I hold the author in high esteem for not only winning me over, but helping me root for her in the end.  Bitter is the New Black is a quick read and great book to enjoy on your own or with a group of friends!

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About the reviewer:Sarah Newell has been with the Tredyffrin Library Reference Department since December 2014.  She loves traveling, cooking and finding enjoyable books to read!