Legacy Society

Support the Library with a Planned Gift

It is easy to make a lasting impact on your libraries today.

You can make a very meaningful gift to support your libraries today, even while you still need your financial resources available to you.

If you care deeply about your libraries and their role in your community, consider a legacy gift.  Planned gifts of all sizes increase the ability of the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation to achieve its mission to sustain our community’s libraries – Tredyffrin Public Library and Paoli Library – and ensure that they are resources for connection and inspiration for generations to come.  Legacy gifts may cover library materials, program costs, or technology or building upgrades in the future.

By including the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation in your will, or making the Foundation a beneficiary of your estate, you can partner with the foundation in supporting our libraries as true centers of our community.  To honor your commitment, we’ll include you in the Community Legacy Society, which recognizes those who have made a planned or legacy gift to the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation.  Members of the Community Legacy Society will enjoy special recognition as among our strongest supporters (unless you choose to remain anonymous), invitations to Society receptions and other library events.

Here are several

ways you can make a legacy gift that will not only support your libraries, but could also help you, your estate, and your loved ones.


Making a bequest through your will is the easiest and  most common way to make an estate gift.  Bequests offer significant support to the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation, while also leaving plenty to benefit your loved ones.  Through a provision in your written and executed will, you can make a gift of cash, securities, real estate or personal property.

Consider this language:

I give and devise to the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation located in Strafford, PA, __% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to be used for its general unrestricted endowment.


If you have a paid whole life policy that you no longer need, or if your employer provides life insurance that you haven’t included in your estate plans, then consider designating the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation as the policy’s beneficiary.  You may also include the Foundation as a beneficiary of your primary life insurance policy.

Retirement Plan Assets

Tax-deferred retirement assets in your 401(k), 403(b) or traditional IRA are a great benefit for you and your family.  However, if you leave these assets to your loved ones, they will need to pay taxes upon receipt, thus lessening their value.  If you name the Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement assets instead, their full value of these assets will pass from your estate to the Foundation tax-free, making the impact of these funds all the more powerful.

Is the Library Already in Your Plans?

Have you already included the Library in your will, living trust, or other estate arrangement? Please let us know! Not only would we like to thank you, but also we want to make sure we can effectively use your generosity in the manner you wish.

Please contact Rachel Kramer at rkramer@ccls.org or 610.688.7092 x 204.


Thank you for your loyalty and support of Tredyffrin Township Libraries.


The information presented is not intended as legal or tax advice.  Please contact your lawyer, accountant, or other appropriate professional before making any decisions based on information we provide on this website, or on printed materials or other sources.  Our legal name and EIN are: Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation, 23-2724305.