A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson

A Year by the SeaReview by Angie Andre

“Aren’t you afraid something will happen to you? A neighbor asked upon seeing me pack the trunk of my car.

“I certainly hope so,” I answered defensively. “That’s the whole point.”

This autobiographical memoir explores one woman’s journey from mother and wife to a resilient and distinct woman. Joan Anderson finds herself lost in her roles as wife and mother. Her children are grown and they are creating new lives of their own. When Joan’s husband receives an out of state job promotion Joan makes a life changing decision. She is not going with her husband. Joan decides to spend a year in Cape Cod in a small cottage they own and re-examine her life.  Joan finds an extraordinary mentor, a job in a fish market, and contentment walking the shores of the beach of Cape Cod.

This book appeals to my love of the beach; the changing tides, the colors of the horizon, the stillness in the sand. The author masterfully weaves together her emotional journey with the characteristics of the sea to create a beautiful story of change, love, self-discovery, and friendship.

Joan has written other similar books that I have thoroughly enjoyed and recommend; An Unfinished Marriage, A Walk on the Beach, A Weekend to Change Your Life & The Second Journey.

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About the Reviewer: Miss Angie doesn’t love anything quite so much as her doggies, but the beach just might be a close second.