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  • Another puzzle done! communitypuzzle
  • From our family to yours HappyHanukkah
  • Rest In Peace Mr President
  • We want you to register for our 80s Movie Trivia
  • We love our patrons and we think you just might
  • Our reference staff is happy to help you with your
  • Our libraries provide spaces for programming yes but we also
  • Did you know that the many programs that we offer
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  • topnine2018 topnine tplchildren received 2200 likes in 2018 Heres to
  • Happy Cookie Day!! We decorated cookies read books and created
  • Last week we sewed library card holders Creative and festive
  • Fort Night Thank you to everyone who came out to
  • Turkey crafting today in the Childrens Department Use our precut
  • Friendsgiving Feast with stories songs turkey craft and traditional Thanksgiving
  • Thanks Party Monday 1119 at 1030 am upstairs in our
  • FRIENDS BOOK SALE Today from 15 pm All items half

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  • Why storytime? There are so many reasons! At storytime we
  • Just for Fun! Book Club this month is starting a
  • Some serious building happening during storytime today! itsaballetstudio littlelearnerslapsit paolilibrarylife
  • On the Most Challenged Books list from 19902000 for offensive
  • In 2006 this books depiction of talking animals put it
  • Showed up on the list in 2010 Banned because the
  • Banned for religious viewpoint despite the fact that no religion
  • Banned for encouraging poor spelling bannedbooksweek2018 paolilibrarylife
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