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  • Another community puzzle complete!! communitypuzzle
  • A great time was had by all at last nights
  • One of our wonderful library families treated the staff to
  • The library is closed today and tomorrow in observance of
  • Another one down! Interest has not waned on our communitypuzzle
  • Tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Cookie day! Since TPL is
  • Bob Kelly knows that librariesrock did you see the library
  • Did you hear?!? Tredyffrin Township Libraries are going to be
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  • Save the date and mark your calendars! tplreads summerquest2019
  • Full STEAM Ahead with parachutes steam tplcreates steamforkids
  • CollaboART inspired by the workshops of Herve Tullet
  • We still have 2 spots open 430 and 445 pm
  • Back to Basics Sewing we made adorable finger puppets tplsews
  • Join Sra Maureen for a fun morning! tplchildren bilingualstorytime lingolanguagelearning

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  • We will be closed today Keep all materials at home
  • Name that book! emojibooktiitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • What do you think?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • Does the emojibooktitle take you to a magical land?? jfiction
  • How about this one?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • Whats todays book?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • Shhh dont tell anyone about this jfiction emojibooktitles ! paolilibrary
  • What do you think?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
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