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  • Our Miss Kate has such fun painting bookends with the
  • Happy Earth Day!
  • Look at these beautiful new book totes available from the
  • Another day another community puzzle complete! communitypuzzle tplrocks
  • Among the amazing staff at TPL is Rachel Kramer our
  • Today is National Library Workers Day! We celebrate our amazing
  • This one took a little while! communitypuzzle
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  • Full STEAM Ahead celebrated Earth Day by making bird feeders
  • Full STEAM Ahead Oil Spill Cleanup Challenge
  • Sewing emojis tplcreates tplsews handsewing kidssew sewingforkids emojis
  • Happy Earth Day We  you Todd Parr!
  • Chess Club is cancelled tonight We apologize for the late
  • Join us Tuesday for Toddler Storytime tplreads tplchildren toddlerstorytime storytime
  • Our popular BOB Books are now available bound as one

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  • We will be closed today Keep all materials at home
  • Name that book! emojibooktiitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • What do you think?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • Does the emojibooktitle take you to a magical land?? jfiction
  • How about this one?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • Whats todays book?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
  • Shhh dont tell anyone about this jfiction emojibooktitles ! paolilibrary
  • What do you think?? emojibooktitles jfiction paolilibrary
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