Scrappy Little Nobody

Scrappy Little NobodyScrappy Little Nobody

E-Audiobook by Anna Kendrick

Review by Stephanie Bragg

Anna Kendrick, star of Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air, has written a book.  Her autobiography starts in her young childhood through her rise to stardom and all the awkwardness in between.  Enter Anna’s brain and follow along with her completely honest and charming tales from her middle school double life through personal relationships to what it’s like to pick out a butt double.

As much as I like to read I decided to try my first e-audiobook since the book is read by the author, Anna Kendrick.  Nothing puts you inside Anna’s head like hearing the stories she’s written in her own expressive voice.  I remember watching Anna’s first movie Camp and thinking that it was odd but loving her character, the weird little Fritzi, and her singing voice; so to hear Anna describe filming and going to Sundance film festival was so fun.  There’s a segment about her personal life that may make you feel a little uncomfortable due to her frankness (a one point she reminds her mom she shouldn’t be listening) but nothing too crude to not continue to enjoy her stories. Listening to her speak is almost like you’re hanging out with her.

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About the reviewer: Stephanie worked three years at the TPL reference desk. She now works at Paoli Library as the new children’s librarian.  She enjoys comic con, movies, books, and her 2 favorite little men Nolan and Oliver.