Founding Brothers

Founding BrothersFounding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

by Joseph J. Ellis

Review by Angela DeMott 

Joseph Ellis’ Founding Brothers has a lot to say about the Revolutionary era. In addition, it is a commentary on our current political, economic, and social situation. By way of analyzing six significant moments in U.S. history, Ellis argues that there were as many, if not more, interpretations of the revolutionary spirit of 1776 (and what that actually entailed for the growing nation) as there are beliefs on what it means to be an American today; Ellis also argues that our first political leaders didn’t really know what they were doing (How could they have? There was no precedent!) yet their gut instincts and passion still lead us, eventually, to green pastures.  Continue reading

The Quartet by Joseph Ellis

The QuartetReview by Eric

I didn’t choose this title, but when having it brought home from the library coincided with an author interview about this book on PA Books. It has great scholarship and a concise narrative; more truthful than liberal or conservative. This would seem a timely book given current events and currents, but truthfully, it would have been a timely book at any point in American History after 1800 or in the future after our own time. Continue reading