Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

By Charles Dickens

Review by Indumathi Rathakrishnan

The story revolves around Oliver who was born in unappreciable circumstances. Young ones are the most affected by the violence in the society which is well quoted in the story. I found characters in the story well built.

Readers are able to picture the scenario because of the careful usage of words. It is also so artistic which could be admired in every page of the book.

Young Oliver underwent so many troubles in life,some are life threatening before he comes to know who he really is, and it is carried with lot of thrills in the story which makes the readers keep on turning the pages, instead of keeping the book a little while and then reading it again.

This book is good for adults and elders. You are able to cry when the characters cry and then laugh when they are happy. It’s a book that will be read for years to come, for sure.

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About the reviewer: Indumathi loves to read books, hear music, spend time with children, and taking long walks in the evenings. Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors, so I picked his book to read and review.