L.A. Son

L.A. SonL.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food

by Roy Choi

Reviewed by Jo Bradley
This is an unexpectedly engaging memoir/cookbook, the story of chef Roy Choi’s life growing up in a traditional Korean family in L.A. in the ’70s. It takes us through various phases of his life: from “golden child” to juvenile deliquent and thug, and finally to chef. His perspective on the humor in life shines through even during the most hair-raising parts of his tale.

Recipes within each chapter run the gamut from traditional kimchi to “$4 spaghetti” to saltrub-roasted pork. You get the feeling that he, as a chef, pulls from all the places he has been and celebrates the wide range of faces L.A. can put on.

Some of the recipes I’m looking forward to trying:

– Instant Pickled Cucumbers
– Spaghetti Junction, “the four dollar spaghetti that tastes almost as good as twenty-four dollar spaghetti”.

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About the reviewer: Jo Bradley is a hand-crafting enthusiast and the sole proprietor of JoBie Bags, using up-cycled burlap coffee bags to create stylish handbags and purses.