The Marriage Lie

The Marriage LieThe Marriage Lie

by Kimberly Belle

Review by Kathy Gallagher


The Marriage Lie is a mysterious love story, an intriguing page turner that kept me on my toes trying to figure out what was going on.

Will and his wife Iris are so in love. Trying to, in fact, have a child together. He leaves on a business trip the morning after attempting conception. Iris is a school teacher. While at work she hears of a plane that has crashed en route to Seattle. She thinks nothing of it until she is contacted by the airline. Iris is told that Will was one of the fatalities. Impossible, she thinks, as Will was on a business trip to Orlando. The mystery begins: is the dead man truly her husband? Is it a mistake?

I am not a mystery reader yet I could not put this book down. So many turns and twists along the way and Iris discovers many lies unfolding. Iris shows her determination in finding the answers. Page by page the author kept me in awe. Will Iris find what she’s looking for?

I read this book at record speed. I have never reread a book, yet feel I missed parts leading up to the end because I was so eager to know. I liked this book so well that I intend to read it again so I can savor all te things that happen to bring us to the climax of this gripping novel.

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