Crime Time Discussion Group-Brandon Swanson

Case 2: Brandon Swanson

In May of 2008, 19 year old Brandon Swanson drove his car into a ditch on his way home from the nearby town of Lynd. He called his parents & asked them for a ride, telling them where he believed he way. However, they were unable to locate him at the location he claimed the car went off the road, despite both cars trying to flash lights to signal. Brandon claimed he could see the lights from the town of Lynd & that he would walk back to town.

Brandon & his father were talking via their cell phones when the young man said he would cut through a field as a short cut. 47 minutes into their phone call, Brandon exclaimed an expletive & his phone cut out. His father tried to call back several times, but the phone would not connect.

The car was eventually located, nowhere near where Brandon had claimed to be. Brandon Swanson, however, has been missing ever since.

We invite you to research the case and join us on Monday, March 2, 2020.

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