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Teens: Tredyffrin & Paoli Libraries                        


Teens recently entertained kids at Tredyffrin Public Library with a Kitten Party including a short play based on the poor little kittens who lost their mittens.


Games Nights

If you are interested in joining game nights at Tredyffrin Public Library, contact





Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

Third Thursday of the Month,

7:30 pm

Tredyffrin Public Library

TAB meets monthly at Tredyffrin Public Library to plan library activities and events for teens. If you are interested in joining TAB, please contact Laurie Doan at or 610.688.7092 x200.






Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal

by Chris Colfer

Reviewed by Alison

Unlike most young-adult novels, Struck By Lightning has no prince or knight in shining armor. The cynical, witty and driven protagonist Carson Phillips is his own hero in this collection of journal entries describing all the mishaps ofhis senior year at Cloverfield High School. Motivated by an intense desire to get out of his small town with its stuck-up cheerleaders, preppy rich kids, and dumb jocks, Carson needs to find a way to make himself seem better on his application to his dream college. Although he is floating in the abyss below the lowest fish in the food chain, he finds some unorthodox ways to create a literary magazine at his school, even if the whole population of CHS was completely uninterested in writing of any kind, and even more protesting of helping out Carson in any way possible. Through blackmailing, finding out secrets that were meant to be never found out, and the power of holding these things above the heads of the most influential people at school, Carson's dreams become reality...but can they last?

Chris Colfer, best known for his award-winning role as an openly gay singer in the TV drama Glee, writes in a way that any unpopular, pessimistic teenager can relate to. Unlike many other novels, there is no romanticism of high school or the struggle of teenage years. Anyone in a small town dying to get out can identify in Carson Phillips and find themselves in the journal entries Carson writes. There is no romance, lasting optimism, or happily ever after in the most realistic view of high school, but that's what makes it so special: Colfer splashes a glass of cold water on the sugar-coated stereotypes of high school. If you get the chance to pick up this novel up, be warned that it is a satirical and ironic book full of witty thoughts and almost too-real views on teenagers, and definitely one that is sure to win the hearts of any teen.





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