By: Caroline Kepnes

Review by Lois Plale

Guinevere Beck (“Beck” to her friends) is an aspiring author, who drops into a bookstore run by Joe Goldberg, who immediately believes she is The One for him.  After she makes a purchase and leaves, he Googles her name from her credit card and discovers she is on both Facebook and Twitter.  Joe finds out everything he needs to know about her and gradually and obsessively takes control of her life – convincing her that he is the perfect man for her.  He sets up and orchestrates a series of events to make sure she falls for him, removing anything and anyone who gets in his way – even if he has to kill to do it. 

This story is a well-told, suspenseful psychological thriller told from inside Joe’s disturbed mind. This is a fascinating way of telling the story because you find yourself at first wanting his desire for Beck to be true, but gradually realize that he is simply a stalker obsessed with controlling and owning her.   It has a series of twists and turns in it that will definitely make you think twice about what you share on social media and how easily someone can access your private life.

The author, Caroline Kepnes has written short stories and for some television shows, but this is her first novel.


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About the reviewer: Lois Plale has been with Tredyffrin Library since early 2015 in both the Children’s and Adult sections.  Psychological thrillers are one of her favorite genres.