Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the DollsValley of the Dolls

by Jacqueline Susann

Review by Rebecca Hoetger

Valley of the Dolls fulfilled two separate book challenges: the Rory Gilmore Challenge and a book published in 1966 for TPL’s 50th Anniversary Book Challenge. I have to say, although 50 years old, it still seems very relevant today, considering the pressures of extreme fame that many celebrities face. I liked that the story is told from the perspectives of three strong women: Anne, Neely, and Jennifer. All rise in wealth and fame and deal with life’s pressures differently. Even with the novel’s depressing undertones—a very Mad Men feel—I couldn’t put it down.

The women, while at times unlikable, were also realistic. You love these women, want to be like these women, but, at the same time, can’t stand the choices they’re making! (I saw a definite correlation to today’s female celebrities who tweet or Instagram their every move.) I recommend Valley if you enjoyed Mad Men, because it has all the main characters: Lyon Burke (Don Draper), Anne Wells (Betty Draper), Jennifer Neely (Joan Harris), Neely (Megan Draper); and of course, drugs and booze.

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About the reviewer: I am an Office Administrative Professional and also an avid reader. Spanning fiction, history, classics, and YA, my bookcase has really grown over the years, and I am never caught without a book, eBook or audiobook. (You never know when you’ll get an extra few minutes to read!) I enjoyed participating in this challenge because I was led to read some really great books!