Tree Tenders

Tree Tenders 3 Session Program beings May 25!

Taught by a team of tree professionals, this three session class is designed to create “citizen stewards” who can properly care for trees in their communities, neighborhoods or yards. Learn tree biology, stressors, identification, planting, care and pruning, and how to choose the right tree. You will spend 1 hour outdoors each evening and plant a tree on the library grounds. Pizza and beverages will be served. $25 per person.

Register for this class at or contact Barley Van Clief at or call 215-988-8793.

Barley VanClief, with the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society took some time to talk to us about this exciting program:

Tree Tenders Class Tell us about the history of Tree Tenders?

PHS Tree Tenders was launched in 1993. We quickly became one of the most emulated citizen tree stewardship programs in the nation.   The content of the training has evolved in tandem step with the latest tree research, but is always framed to provide easily understood science-based information that can be immediately applied by participants.

How does the program benefit the community?

Community tree canopy in Southeastern PA has been declining over the past 25 years or so, along with the many benefits that trees can provide.  Community tree benefits – environmental, economic, aesthetic and social – are only realized when trees can reach their full, mature size.  For this reason, the Tree Tenders program places emphasis not only on tree planting but also on the early care of young trees, during the critical establishment period after transplanting.   Tree Tenders graduates are especially helpful with this early care, which  municipalities are not always in a position to provide.

What will participants learn in the class?

Each topic covered in Tree Tenders training helps participants understand the science behind the tree planting and care techniques that we teach.  Topics include: benefits of trees; basic tree biology; urban stresses on trees; tree identification; choosing the right tree to plant; tree planting techniques; and basic tree care.  We also touch upon ways to work within the municipal structure to advocate for trees, and how to recruit and manage volunteers.

Tree Tenders Plant a Tree

Any success stories you can share?

The Tree Tenders program has spread across Pennsylvania and many states beyond. We estimate that there are now over 6,000 Tree Tenders, planting and tending thousands of trees each year.  Locally, the Tree Tenders plant nearly 1,000 trees each planting season throughout the 5-county region, working in groups.  There are examples of Tree Tenders who have continued their studies to become certified arborists, municipal arborists, tree company employees, shade tree commission members, forest stewards and tree nursery owners.  But we are just as proud of each Tree Tender who applies the knowledge to the tree in their backyard, because each tree that grows healthy and strong is a success story in our eyes.

Register for this great class & become a tree steward!