Clue the MovieClue: The Movie (1985)

Review by Kate Shaw


“Let’s make a movie based on a board game!” Yeah, cause that’s a good idea. Except it was. At least it was a good idea in 1985 when Paramount Pictures released this gem. Of course, that being said, Clue didn’t do terribly well when it was released, scrapping the production company’s plans for a series of board game movies. Alas, we’ll never know what a . . . delight? Monopoly would have been. Aside: Hollywood seemed to have figured that since Clue became such a cult classic that they would try again. Battleship did so poorly in 2013, Hasbro’s toy sales declined (possibly due to economic recession . . . or that movie). Continue reading

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith


Child 44Review by: Abby Shelton

At the height of postwar Soviet Russia, WWII hero and MGB officer (precursor to the KGB) Leo Demidov is denounced, demoted, estranged from his wife Raisa, and sent to the Ural Mountains because of the ambitions of an inferior officer. In the little town of Voualsk, Leo discovers that all is not well in Stalin’s paradise as he investigates the suspicious death of a local child. Haunted by childhood memories, Leo tries to solve a series of related child murders, restore his relationship with his wife, and keep his growing doubts about the Soviet cause under wraps from prying eyes.

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