An Evening with Madeline Miller Community Puzzle

Welcome Madeline Miller!

Friday, July 31 from 7 – 8:30 pm

We are thrilled to welcome Circe author Madeline Miller for a special zoom event. Registration limited and required.

Purchase a book to be signed by Ms. Miller & picked up by you at Main Point Books.

Are you missing our Community Puzzle while the libraries are closed? Please share your puzzle time in the comments below to connect with your community.


The Collapse of Parenting

The Collapse of ParentingThe Collapse of Parenting by Leonard Sax 

Review by Yongsoo Park

The bleak picture Leonard Sax, an Exton-based physician and child expert, paints of contemporary American middle-class parenting in The Collapse of Parenting will seem all-too-familiar to anyone who’s been around kids lately. It’s a picture filled with permissive parents and disrespectful inactive kids who are glued to screens and eating whatever junk food they feel like. Sax places the blame for this firmly on parents who, he insists, are allowing children to be raised by a default culture, which Sax calls “a culture of disrespect” that is propagated by the media and children’s peers.

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