Eileen book coverEileen

By Ottessa Moshfegh

Review by Jonathan Trice

As a former bartender I have had more than a few patrons share stories that were extremely personal, many seemingly too personal to share with a server you met only an hour ago.  You don’t have to be tending bar to experience this, there have probably been times at parties or on a flight where a conversation with a stranger reveals more about themselves than you’re comfortable hearing.  Remember that feeling and you will understand how I felt while reading the novel Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh. Continue reading

The Jealous Kind

 The Jealous Kind

by James Lee Burke

Review by Susan Williams

If you have never read James Lee Burke’s books, you are missing some truly great writing. Burke’s writing is lyrical and his descriptions are pure magic. Burke has won two Edgar awards and numerous other recognitions for his prose. Stephen King said he reads Burke because he is a “gorgeous prose stylist”. Continue reading