The Quality of Silence

The Quality of Silence

by Rosamund Lupton

Review by Angie Andre

In a freezing remote part of Alaska astrophysicist, Yasmin and her 10 year old deaf daughter, Ruby are on a mission. Despite betrayal, fear, and deathly cold weather Yasmin is determined to find her husband, Matt. There has been terrible accident and an entire village in Northern Alaska has been obliterated. Yasmin and Ruby brave the tundra in search of their missing Matt. As they encounter darkness they realize someone is trying to stop them from finding Matt and learning the truth. Continue reading

Woman of God

Woman of God

by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Review By Angie Andre

Commuting can be a long and tiresome experience but listening to audio books makes the long drive more enjoyable.  I have always enjoyed James Patterson so I happily checked out Woman of God with the expectation that it would be an entertaining listen. It ended up being much, much more. Continue reading

Dead Wake by Erik Larson

Dead Wake Audiobook

Review by Ellie Thompson

On May 7, 1915, nearly 100 years ago, the Lusitania, a British luxury ocean liner was torpedoed by German U-20 off the coast of Ireland.  It took eighteen minutes to sink; it took thirteen hours and four minutes for Erik Larson to tell the fascinating story in his newest non-fiction book, Dead Wake.  Brilliantly written, meticulously researched and beautifully read by Scott Brick, this captivating account of the sinking of the Lusitania during WWI maintains suspense even while we know the fateful ending for all but 764 of the 1259 passengers aboard.  This historical narrative is filled with secrets, lies, disaster and romance.  The political strategy and intrigue involving Germany, England and the United States during this period of WWI is told from each country’s perspective.  The reader also learns about the personal lives of the people involved in this tragic drama as well as daily life aboard both the luxury liner and aboard the claustrophobic U-boat. Continue reading