Silent Land

the-silent-landThe Silent Land

by Graham Joyce

Review by Gretchen Chamberlin

At just under 300 pages, The Silent Land is the book to pick up if you want something you can finish in an evening, on a plane ride or on a day at the beach. It is definitely for you if you were addicted to the TV show, Lost.

The story takes you to the high peaks of the French Pyrenees on a breathtakingly beautiful early morning. Jake and Zoe have the pristine snowy slopes to themselves as they push off on their skis. In the blink of an eye, light hearted sport turns into a terrifying race against the crushing waves of a tumultuous avalanche. 

They manage to survive this near tragedy, only to discover that the world they left behind as they made their early morning ascent up the mountains has become a silent and eerie land. What has happened and why are they here?

Skillfully written, you will travel this terrain and puzzle along with the young couple as more and more clues bring this story to an ultimately satisfying conclusion. A short book, a short review and no desire to give away too much, this is a story that will entertain and keep you reading!

This review first appeared as part of our adult summer reading program Novel Destinations.

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About the reviewer: Gretchen has worked for the libraries for many years, wearing many hats! You can find her at the reference desk or choosing your next favorite fiction title.