Sherlock (2010) BBC Series

Sherlock Season 1Review by Stephanie Bragg

This series is a modern update on the classic cases of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. Watson (played by Martin Freeman).  Creator Steven Moffat has re-imagined a fast-paced, thrilling and witty version of the greatest literary sleuth and his companion as they use their powers of deduction to help the London police solve mysteries. The address is the same, but the detectives are just a little different.

Having already been a fan of Steven Moffat’s work through Doctor Who, I thought I would give Sherlock a try.  I had heard good things through the internet and my sister, but was intimidated by the length of the episodes.  At about 90 minutes, I wasn’t sure a television show could hold my attention, but it wasn’t a problem at all!  The mysteries are engrossing and Holmes and Watson are a dynamic duo.  Moffat uses interesting visuals to allow the viewer a look into the deductive process.  I could easily see why the internet fans are so intense.  There are three seasons so far and each season only has three episodes.  This makes each episode feel like a little movie!

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Sherlock Season One
Sherlock Season Two
Sherlock Season Three

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