Red Fox Book Donation Day: 01.22.22

Thank you!

The results of the ONE DAY ONLY donation collection are:

Boxes of useable books (1 box = 30 books):          66

Children’s useable books (1 box = 50 books):                                     16

Boxes of usable books (1 box = 30 books):                                        153

Boxes of unusable books (1 box = 30 books) :                                                 45

Usable Oversized books (in heavy duty bags @10 per bag):                                      20

CDs, DVDs, audio books, puzzles: no count available, guess: over 1,000


Grand total of books donated: 8,920!  Usable books: 7,570! Marvelous!!


The inventory of the shop on January 3, 2022 = 4,911 (the book shop normally has an inventory of between 6–7,000).  Amazon inventory normally = 2,000+; right now we have 1,358.

Donate Your Books! ONE DAY ONLY

The Red Fox Book Shop volunteers invite you to drop off your book donations on Saturday, January 22 from 10 am – 5 pm in the King Meeting Room at Tredyffrin Public Library (the large meeting room off of the upstairs lobby).


LIMIT: No more than 5 boxes or bags (Please, no huge boxes or bags: banker’s boxes are perfect!)

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT: Books that are moldy, mildewed, food-stained, heavily highlighted or underlined, or falling apart.

ADDITIONALLY: No textbooks, magazines, computer books or travel guides that are more than two years old.


A note from the Red Fox Book Shop: We’re working on getting back to “normal,” but due to storage restrictions & volunteer shortages, we are starting slowly. We will announce more donation dates shortly.

Donations accepted from 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday, January 22 in the King Meeting Room.

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