Pretty Girls

Pretty GirlsPretty Girls

by Karin Slaughter

Review by Jonathan Trice


I spend a lot of time in my car an audio books are one of my favorite ways to ease the monotony of my drive.  When looking for something new Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter was suggested for me.  This was an author I knew nothing about and a genre that I don’t spend much time reading and I was glad that I took a chance on this book. 

Like most of her books the story is set in and around Atlanta and revolves around two sisters, Claire and Lydia who became estranged after the disappearance of their oldest sister, Julia in 1991.  Over 20 years later Claire is happily married to a wealthy architect named Paul Scott, while Lydia is a single mother and recovering addict living in a much less desirable zip code.  When Paul is murdered during a botched, back alley robbery a series of events unfolds for Claire that leaves her reeling.  There is an attempted robbery at her home the day of the funeral and when she arrives at the crime scene she greeted by both the police and the FBI.  Amidst the intrusions and incessant questioning from the FBI Claire discovers some very dark secrets about her deceased husband.  Without anyone to turn to she reaches out to Lydia, inadvertently pulling her deeper and deeper into a deadly web of discoveries that reveal an unimaginable secret life filled with unspeakable acts that Paul Scott was keeping from Claire.

This a lengthy book and to say it’s full of plot twists would be an understatement.  Every time you think the story has reached a possible resolution you look and realize that you’re only halfway through.  That being said, you’re not rolling your eyes after every twist and turn in the story.  It’s a fast paced book that you’ll probably end up blowing through pretty quickly if you’re anything like me.  I was actually late to a few appointments because of this book, I just couldn’t bring myself to shut the car off and pause the story.  So if you’re bored with your current audio selections, whatever they may be I suggest giving this a listen to ASAP.  You can either pick up the audio book on CD or download it on the Libby app on your phone like I did.

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About the reviewer: Jonathan is one of the part-time reference librarians at TPL and has a voracious appetite for audio books and chicken salad.  He can also be found wandering the aisles of IKEA in search of the “perfect” sofa.