Orphan Black

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Review by Stephanie Bragg

You’re just a regular person, you have your issues, but so does everyone. Waiting to take the train one night you are confronted by someone who looks just like you. No, not just like you, exactly like you.  Before you can even try think about why, that person steps right in front of a moving train. Wait, what?! In the BBC America original series Orphan Black this is exactly what happens to Sarah.  Unsure what to do, Sarah hightails it out of the train station but not without taking the other woman’s wallet with her. She steps briefly into the dead woman’s life.  This chance meeting draws Sarah into a world she had never imagined. A world where human cloning exists and she is one of them.Orphan Black Season 2 Cover


Right from the start Orphan Black caught my attention.  Every episode is a roller coaster mystery ride. Just like Sarah, I wasn’t sure who to trust and who not to trust. I spent a lot of time wishing she hadn’t tried to take this woman’s identity because then she and her family would not be in so much danger. Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah and her clone sisters and she is stunning.  It’s amazing how she clearly separates who she is playing at that moment, especially when there are multiple clones in the scene.

Orphan Black is about to enter its fourth season so now is the time to catch up! The Season 4 premier is set for April 14. Binge watch today!

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About the reviewer: Stephanie Bragg has been a reference assistant with Tredyffrin Public Library since 2013. She doesn’t have any clones . . . that she knows of.