The Tragical Comedy or Comedic Tragedy of Mr. Punch

Mr. PunchThe Tragical Comedy or Comedic Tragedy of Mr. Punch

By Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean

Review by Anna Yardney

Enter the world of Mr. Punch. Master storyteller Neil Gaiman and standout graphic artist David McKean team up in this eerie graphic novel.  Enter into a realm filled with family secrets. See the way they play themselves out in the most unexpected ways. In a seaside vacation  town, a young boy encounters a strange and threatening puppet show. Furthermore, the arrival begins to stir up uncomfortable memories for his grandfather. Through a series of accidental revelations and half-understood conversations, the narrator begins to see the parallels of the puppet show within his own family.

McKean’s beautiful artwork really highlights Gaiman’s universe. Wonderfully creepy and subtle enough to keep you thinking, despite it’s age of more than 20 years. I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone who has enjoyed Sandman, Fun Home, or the comics of Alan Moore. Mr. Punch is an exciting precursor to Gaiman’s 2002 classic Coraline.

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About the Reviewer: Anna has worked at Tredyffrin for over five years and has a personal goal of reading all of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels.