Libraries Transform

February is National Library Lovers’ Month

Help us by sharing your library love!

We’d love to know how libraries have transformed your life. Tell us a short story about how you found the library or how it’s helped better your life through connecting with community. There are no rules. You can share anything with us-from a favorite book memory to a recount of something you’ve learned with the help of a librarian. Have you had a favorite program or do you rely on our free wi-fi or PCs? It can really be anything.

We would like to include stories, comments, photos, or quotes on how Tredyffrin Township Libraries make a positive impact on on your life. Your story may be used for library promotions via our website, social media channels, or even in our legislative booklet.

Tell us how you believe Libraries can transform lives, communities & the world!

Submit your library story:

  • We'd love to have a photo of you to use in conjunction with your library story. If you'd like to upload a picture of yourself at the library or with a library book, etc, we'd be happy to have it.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, gif.