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Review by Kate Shaw

May the 4th be with you! Did you know that Tredyffrin Public Library rents out video games?  We do! We offer a wide variety of games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii & Wii U.  By far, the most family friendly games offered by the library are for the Wii and Wii U and none are more family friendly than the LEGO series.

It all started with LEGO Star Wars, a completely new and different kind of game for your console.  If you love Star Wars, you’ll love the innovative way that the whole saga is told with LEGOS.  Battle through all of the familiar Star Wars scenes with your favorite characters (in adorable LEGO minifigure) from the Death Star to the Forest Moon of Endor, you will need to play each level more than once for the full experience.  In story mode, you must complete the level with a specified number of characters, usually those who were in the correlating scenes in the movies.  However, once you complete a story level you can return with free play, allowing you to play as any character you’ve unlocked up to that point.  There will be things you need a Sith Lord to complete, using the dark side of the force to manipulate your surroundings and complete your quest.  It’s such fun to switch from Emperor Palpatine to Han Solo, from Padme Amidala to R2-D2, just to learn which special tricks each character is capable of.  In complete LEGO fashion, you can even create your very own character.  Want Darth Vader’s helmet on Chewbacca’s body?  You can do that.

This edition is special since it’s the Complete Saga, technically two games brilliantly interwoven into one. The world building in LEGO games are huge (and continually getting bigger, I still can’t get through all of Marvel Superheroes!) and the gameplay if fun and easy to learn.  Cut scenes are a real joy.  While later games include actual voice-over work from films like Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars cut scenes include very funny mumbling and mime to tell the story.  LEGO’s trademark humor is strongly interwoven through the games and they are worth playing over and over again.  These games are the perfect blend of adventure, strategy, and silliness and are wonderful as an introduction to video game play or for seasoned gamers.  Can you get to 100% complete?  Once you do, you’ll definitely want to check out the other awesome LEGO video games, including two Harry Potter games & Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Lego KateAbout the reviewer:  Kate Shaw has been a librarian since 2010, but she’s been a video gamer since long before that.  Her parents have pictures of her playing with a Calico-Vision controller at the age of about 2. In 2013, she got to meet Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes, two of the people responsible for her all-time favorite video game, Gabriel Knight. As you can see, she’s also an avid LEGO fan.