I Shall be Near to You

I Shall be Near to You

By Erin Lindsay McCabe

Review by Angela DeMott

I Shall Be Near to You is one of the rare cases where the novel itself lives up to the author reviews and jacket cover blurbs. While primarily a love story (a moving and realistic one at that), I Shall Be Near to You surprised me with its terrifying and riveting portrayal of 19th century life during war. The two main characters (Rosetta and Jeremiah) were extremely well-drawn, and Rosetta’s narrative voice was every bit as unique, engaging, and believable as any in the literary canon. Throughout the novel, I kept thinking, “I really wish Rosetta could somehow share a meal and conversation with Ada Monroe.”

Rosetta’s thoughts on war, family, and a woman’s role in society, as well as McCabe’s harrowing description of the bloody Battle of Antietam transcended the page and will not be soon forgotten. I would recommend I Shall Be Near to You for fans of These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner, Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, or Neverhome by Laird Hunt.

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