Creed (2015)


Starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone

Review by Stephanie Bragg

Everyone’s favorite Philadelphian boxer is back! Sylvester Stallone (Academy Award nominated) as Rocky Balboa returns but this time to train a new fighter, and not just any fighter, the son of his opponent and friend Apollo Creed.  Adonis “Donnie” Johnson wants to be a fighter but does not want to trade in on his father’s name.  Making his way up from boxing in Tijuana, Donnie is given a shot at a fight with undefeated champion “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, but only if he fights under the Creed name. Rocky decides to train Donnie for the biggest fight of his life.

Like any good girl from Philadelphia I have seen each Rocky movie at least once and on occasion will leave one on in the background if it happens to be on TV.  I saw this movie mostly because my husband wanted to see it, but I’ll tell you what, I really enjoyed it.  Stallone is at home and at his best in his signature role.  Meanwhile, semi-newcomer Michael B. Jordan makes a strong showing next to the veteran Stallone. Creed has all the action and drama to draw in a new generation of Rocky fans.

You could watch Creed without knowing Rocky’s backstory, since the new film has interesting and well developed characters. Like the original Rocky, this new film has a touch of romance and you get to see so much more than “a boxing movie.” Creed recaptures what is so great about the Rocky saga (please skip over V, it’s a mess) in that it’s truly a story about relationships between friends and family going through good times and hard times. I can’t wait to see the next one.

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About the Reviewer: Stephanie has worked in the TPL reference department for almost three years now. She is the proud mom to Nolan and loves anything geek chic.